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The first task was to create a souvenir brand for the Japanese prefecture of Chiba. Chiba itself has no noticable souvenir identity which should be installed with a new united brand. The second task was to produce some special packaging design for several products with the created branding.


Target group > Attributes
  • Primary TG: foreign customers, who buy souvenirs for taking home (as memory or present for family and friends)
  • Secondary TG: Japanese customers that buy souvenirs from different Japanese prefectures
  • Target groups for souvenirs, especially as presents, are interested in purchasing high quality appearance in combination with an over-average price. (»The donee is as worthy as the gift.«)
  • Particulary in Japan a present has to have a suitable worth to be a good present. A cheap and poor present gives bad reputation for the giver and the donee.
Target group > Price/Quality


According to the research the set price and the felt quality should be somewhere in the higher range.

Brand concept > Emotional aspects

Main aspects converted to keywords, which should be matched by the overall design

  • precious present
  • worthy, high quality
  • „human touch“
  • clean, modern, elegant
  • represent Chiba (and Japan)


Signet > Symbol mark

foto01The symbol mark should be able to stand alone without any logotype or text. For that I created the symbol mark with some fixed rules. It had to be

  • be easy to reproduce with different print-techniques
  • be easy to use on different digital media devices
  • work in color, black & white, negative and with special colors
  • have a simple and easy-to-remember shape
  • work in very big and very small sizes
  • has to be abstract and universal enough to be used on different products
  • be interpretative and not too clear in shape


Signet > Symbol mark stress test


Signet > Logotype name

The name „Chiba Sunrise“ derives from the following aspects

  • Chiba is (one of) the very first parts of the world, that see the sunrise of a new day (especially important on New Years Eve).
  • The sunrise is a positve and powerful metaphor in every culture. It stands for hope, a new beginning, rising up, triumph of the light above the darkness, ect.
  • A sunrise is a repeating natural event. The use of that word automatically connects to nature and the natural flow of time
  • The simple use of the word »Chiba« connects to the region itself and is very important because the sunrise alone doesn’t stand for Chiba in particular.
Signet > Logotype face

The appearance of the logotype should imply a humanistic, calligraphic touch and should be easily legible for both International and Japanese (or other Asian) customers, no matter if they are very familiar with the variations of roman letters or not. It should as well match the technical restrictions of the signet and keep a worthy feeling – not too cheap handwritten.


Final combination of signet and logotype

foto02After the font choice I applied some fine tuning to the logotype in shape and kerning. After the combination of signet and logotype with the golden ratio it was finally done and could be applied to the packaging.