The video »Measure Pleasure« was the practical outcome of an otherwise only theoretical lecture about Interaction Design lead by Susanna Hertrich. The task was to think about new ways of interaction between humans and machines regarding a possible real world problem respectively a possible real world application. As a final outcome there should be a video, which shows and explains the whole idea within a few minutes.

The initial idea about an intuitive measuring device and it’s details have been discussed in a small group, before I started the finalization and creation process.

The whole video was shot without sound so I could give exact advices to the actor during the takes. This made it necessary to implement all the sound effects in the post-production, what was no big throw-back because the digital sound-effects had to be added anyway. I worked with sounds and effects from and edited some of them to better fit the purpose. To push the credibility of the artificial „physical“ In-Room-sounds I also added a small but noticeable Left-Right-Stereo effect to them. (This could be best heard with headphones.)

The video was shot using only available light in a big bright room in the facilities of the Chiba University. As equipment I used DSLR with a standard lens and a tripod. The later editing was done with Adobe Premiere and After Effects.